XCOM: Enemy Unknown – First Impressions

by wileypeach


I planned to write this article around 7 this morning and get a fresh, early start on today. Which, I can tell you from my bed at nine thirty in the morning, is not what happened because i was awake until two playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown

My first impressions (which were demanded by the title) are thus; I’m really enjoying it! The combat is tight and has a turn-based strategy feeling you get when playing chess, cherishing each move and thinking moves ahead, except you are not playing chess your playing Oh Shit Aliens But No Worries I’m a Badass (working title)!

The game to me at the moment though is all about the best kind of restrictions that create genuine inner conflict and drama. I have two moves left for a heavy and a support character whats the most i can do before whatever that beautiful scary thing (because the alien design is flawless and varied) rips my assault girl in two. Which is actually a terrifying place to be as death in a mission means you lose that character forever so you get pretty attached to the little guys.

If I had to find some points to pick on I would have to say that the same amazing character design of the aliens doesn’t transfer over to the customizable aspects of my squad. I don’t car if i can change his/her facial features in a top down game let me change the colour of their armor so i can distinguish hulking soldier from hulking solider. The level design suffers a bit too not because its not varied but while you are jetting around the world every five minutes; Japan doesn’t feel too much different from Glasgow, Scotland. One last thing to WHY DOES MY CHINESE ASSAULT GIRL TALK WITH AN AMERICAN ACCENT! In fact why does everyone regardless of nationality talk with an American accent it just makes the world feel smaller and takes away from the characters I’m desperately not trying to get attach to because they might die int he next two turns.

Anyway I’m off to play some more!
Peach x