The Morning After the Last Episode

by wileypeach

ImageThe last Community episode of season 4 ended last night and after waiting sleeping and thinking this is what I have to say.

Firstly I love community, when i was going through a rough patch heading into uni bunking off classes and sitting in the cafeteria watching community giggling to myself was the best part of my day and it holds a special place in my heart. When it was announced that season 4 was coming back (which not a lot of people expected) I was excited to say the least but when they said Dan Harmon had been replaced and they were gearing it toward a wider audience i was abit taken aback. Still though more community was more community and I have watch the fourth season and this isn’t a blog about two the fourth season ‘sucks’ because it doesn’t I laughed a lot and they have genuinely good writers even if it doesn’t hold the same feeling at the previous 3 seasons (the Harmon years!). I suppose all i really wanted to say is I don’t think they will get another season and I’m glad Tristram Shapeero wrote the very last episode (if it becomes that) and with new writers, less episodes , Chase leaving, and being forced to gear it towards a wider audience a big fan love letter that have the darkest timeline imaginary worlds and paint ball with the whole cast is the most sincere episode i could have hoped for. I’m still not sure how I feel about it though, maybe I’ll go watch that episode with Abed and Cougerton Abbey and he can help me through.