Interactive Fiction: >> Look Closely

by wileypeach


I set up this blog for a lot of reasons, mainly to give me an excuse to write everyday in the hope that one destined morning I wont suck hard at it. I also set it up through to track my interests in game narrative and storytelling media in general and so we’ve tracked my latest interest to Interactive Fiction (IF) and Emily Short’s Counterfeit Monkey who’s gorgeous typographic map you can see above.

As with most things my experience with IF is limited and was gathered mainly from afar so Counterfeit Monkey is my first true text adventure that took longer than and hour to complete and it is fascinating. I wont go into a full review but game trailers did a very positive one here so check it out.

Interactive Fiction is a genuinely interesting medium and it deals with the same issues of player control that video games do on a more fundamental level. Ideas like the necessity for multiple ending or the lengths at which someone should got to allow a puzzle to be solved in every possible way. It also struggles with the same issues of narrative having to weave game play requirements (tutorials, mechanic introduction and moment to moment motivations) and concepts vital to the story development (character, world building, theme and tone) without muddying up the whole and I’m hoping over the next couple of months to see the variety of solutions to these problems through my venture into the world of IF play.