The Imediate Stregnths of Comic Books From a Complete Begginer #1

by wileypeach


Over the last two months I’ve have been working to enter the comic book world. I have been doing this because except for a handful of Spiderman comics I bought in the 90’s when i was about 10 its always been a medium that has passed me by UNTIL NOW. I saw a GDC speech about the narrative links between comics and video games (which you can see here)  and it motivated me to make my way in to that colourful world if not only from a analytical perspective.

It been amazing I’ve only read a handful of issues  an the thing that has jumped out at me the most is how comic’s use of visual and text based story telling to rapidly build strange worlds and introduce strange concepts without feeling forced or jarred. Anyway I will be getting into this more in later post and start reviews and writing critically about the stand out issues and series that I’m enjoying the most.