by wileypeach



Right I think its time for this blog to take a bit more of a routine, well loose routine – more of vague guide (IKEA vague).


Comic Reviews – Once a week.

I’ve just set up a My IGN blog chiefly to test my comic review chops in their community reviews. I’m going to be focusing on Image’s comics because they seem like one of the more neglected publishers.


Video Game Reviews or Analysis – Once a fortnight.

What can I say I’m broke! Even renting games I’m going to have to cut it down to a fortnight for any  definite articles, maybe a few cheaper or free games thrown in there aswell. Which is not counting any commentary or analysis I’ll throw on here though.


Something Creative – Once a month.

This needs to be a part of the Blog otherwise my practice is getting too narrow so lets stretch it into a more creative space.


All the Other Stuff – Every day!

I’ll will be updating this with something everyday. Something being used in its most vague of terms.

So get prepared comics, games, creativity and Somethings coming this way.