Thoughts on the PSN: Waiting for Episode Three to Download.

by wileypeach


Yes, I’m late to the game. Winner of a chunky bunch of twenty-twelve awards, TellTale’s series – The Walking Dead pushed me to hunt down, once again, my neglected PlayStation Store icon, which I found at the bottom of my network column a bit dusty but happy to see me. After, of course, i hurried past PlayStation Home and Plus, who still hang around the main screen like bums both unused and asking for money.

Fast forward through an some new account creating, because I can never remember passwords, I had bought Walking Dead Ep. One and set it to download. The crawling speed of my internet though led me to start roaming freely around the PS Store where I found demos, dirt cheap games and classics all bundle up hidden away on my PSThree all this time.

Now A few months, waiting for episode three to download, I can look at my cluttered list of of downloaded titles:

Ni No Kuni Demo,

Beyond Good and Evil HD,

Poker Night demo,

Terraria Demo,

Walking Dead Ep. One, Two (and Three pending)

and looking at these i can see that; One, I’m broke and can only get heaps of free demo’s (hence why its take me two months to get this far in The Walking Dead) – and two, the potential for a more robust PSN store looking forward to the PS4 is so exciting if they can truly give a more rounded experience this time around. Maybe then I wont have to wait for something as special as Clementine and Lee to venture back in.

Anyway its finally downloaded so I’ll leave the point here for now.

Peach x