A Short One: Slices of What’s to Come

by wileypeach


This is just a little early week post on somethings I’d like to get on here during the next few days:


One – I’m still currently playing Walking Dead Ep. Three and its just all the emotions ever. All of them. Its an astounding few hours for a lot of reasons some of which I’d hope to talk about in the next few days once its settled into my noggin.

Two – NEW BATMAN ARKHAM ORIGINS TRAILER! Plus a bunch of industry guys have actually seen some game play so a piece on why that series is working so well and what I hope for this next installment is definitely worth talking about.

Three – More on Up at Noon. I know I did a short piece on it last week but it was just that, short. Too short in fact and I genuinely think it’s an interesting direction both the industry and the consumers are moving towards.

Four – Comic Reviews Tomorrow!

Now lets see how much of that I am actually able to pump out.

Peach x