Arkham Origins: “Twice the size”?

by wileypeach


Let me preface this by saying I’m have a giddy excitement about me when it comes to this game!


So the big news that going round a lot of sites at the moment regarding the previews of this game the big quote ‘twice as big as Arkham City‘. I know number are important when talking about video games, the origins of tech and specs can’t be ignored and I understnad why this is a good thing. Its not exciting me about the game though, if they had said ‘We are working to make this city as thick with content, character, and easter egg within easter eggs as the preivous game AND by the way ITS TWICE AS BIG’ that would have excited me to no end.

I’m sure they are working toward this too, but there seems to be an idea that sequels and even sequel-prequels must be bigger fatter games. I’ll take a lean mean City if given the choice.

Just a short post
Peach x