The Great Gatsby: What If It Was Terrible On Purpose

by wileypeach


Hear me out on this one. In the lead up to the Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby something was bothering me, nagging at the back of my head after each trailer, then after around the third trailer was released and Dicaprio as Gatsby turns almost to the camera and says “You can’t relive the past! Why not?” it hit me.

What hit me was the realization that this movie is almost a contradiction to itself. One of the central themes of the whole book is just as Gatsby say’s, you can’t relive the past and it is ultimately his belief that you can that turns Gatsby into the tragic figure that has lasted so long in popular culture.

The problem is this film is doing just that with the modern sound track given to a movie thats already been made SIX times before and putting in in HD3D CGI’d up to the teeth with glitz and glamour trying to tell a message that itself contridicting by just existing.

So imagine if that was done on purpose. Imagine they set out to make a movie that over glorified the past and felt disjointed with all the modern twinks thrown into a nearly century old text. Or imagine that they changed the ending and made it happy and that everyone leaving the cinema felt like something was very wrong felt like someone had tried to make the past too beautiful and then maybe the Director could be Gatsby and we’d be T J Eckleberg”s eyes watching the past get dragged up and then found to be dirtier and older than it was before.