Things Digital Comics Did Right

by wileypeach


As a newcomer to comics I can tell you that if it wasn’t for the availability of digital comics I would not have been able to make my way into this fascinating medium. This has a lot to do with the lack of comic stores in my area and the current state of broke-as-fuck which I perpetually live in it also has a lot to do with the excellent and inventive ways digital comics have improved on availability. Two of those ways I’m now going to talk about.

Keeping Publishers Separate

Now I’m not a fool I’m aware the reason there are separate Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse apps on my Ipad has more to do with the publishers then me. Still, keeping these groups of comic books distinct helps to preserve that favoritism (and yes bias) which fuels fans as well as making sure comics don’t become ‘COMICS!!!!‘ an unapproachable and heavily saturated app with no clear boundaries to begin with.


Understanding The Benefits of No Material or Shipping Costs.

I’ll keep this one short. Free first issues are amazing (full stop). Not just for readers either If i see a new comic issue #2 or #3 out that looks interesting I’ll pick up that first issue  which i might not have chanced on for unknown or brand news writers and artist this is a great, GREAT opportunity.